Word Clinic International Ministries - TAKING THE WORLD BY THE WORD OF GOD!

It is indeed an honor to have you come and grace our space with your presence.  It is our desire that you are blessed, empowered and enriched by the things your eyes behold and your spirit experience.

Because your time is so valuable, our sincere prayer is that as you peruse our site that God divinely touch your life in a way that you are changed forever.

Our divine intentions are to create a site full of the riches of His glory.  This Apostolic Work is design to be a conduit for change and excellence in the Earth.  We are a ministry that is "Taking the World by the Word Of God; Touching Heaven: Changing Earth."

Lastly, we have been "Set a Blaze" for such a time as this.  Enjoy your time with us, and be sure to come back and visit.  May God bring you into the Fullness of Himself is our sincere prayer.

Serving with joy, 
Chief Apostle Vennissica F. Kelly